Video: Jonathan Coulton's song "Shop-Vac" turned into a "kinetic typography animation"

Oh my goodness.  I just watched this, straight through, twice.

Look, I'm already a huge fan of geek god indie rocker Jonathan Coulton.  Combine his pop sensibility with the same kind of cheeky font-nerd animation that made Cee-Lo's naughty language song (NSFW, yo!) such a viral video hit earlier this year, and you've got the kind of bait that pulls me right in.

Animation by Jarrett Heather, obvious candidate for "JoCo superfan of 2010"

(via Boing Boing, where else?)

bookmarks: Learning to love cookbooks and learning recipes by heart


My friend Junita has posted a loving tribute to cookbooks and the art of learning to cook without the cookbook at her foodie blog, Stack of Cookbooks.

After years of dutifully following recipes, I now realize that what I treasure the most is pulling off a dish with no recipe. When I can cook something by heart.

Do you know someone who cooks everything this way? Who moves around the kitchen like a cyclone, tasting and seasoning, throwing together a salad while they're braising the entree, with not a cookbook in sight? I am so not this person. This improvisational phenom is like a musician who can play a catalog of songs on five different instruments. I can't even play Chopsticks on the piano.

My cookbook-free victories are few and far between. But when the stars align, and I'm able to throw together a tasty dinner with what I have on hand, it's more satisfying than cooking from the most complicated recipe. I love the thrill of a new recipe. But for me, the real joy comes from sharing a simple improvisational meal with friends.

Click through, read the whole post, and you'll come away with Junita's take on Pasta Genovese, a perfectly summery dish that features fresh green beans and potatoes and lots of basil in the pesto, all tossed together with fettucine.

[Stack of Cookbooks: A Culinary Victory]

bookmarks: Lego-riffic ads for Pilot Extrafine pens. What is not to love?

Found tonight on Boing Boing (and via Flavorwire), a gallery of hilarious print ads for Pilot's Extrafine pens. (Nearly as hilarious to my eyes: the sharp-eyed blog commenters chiming in to call "fake!" and "photoshopped!" Because, well, duh.  These are Lego minifigs we're talking about.  Obviously they're not tattooed.  The best commenter was here on Boing Boing, running the numbers down.)

Here are my three favorites:

lego harley.jpg

Harley Dude

lego sumo.jpg

Sumo Dude

lego tramp.jpg

Tramp Stamp