If I Had A Shelf Talker: "The Templeton Twins Make A Scene" by Ellis Weiner

The Templeton Twins Make A Scene  (#2 in the series) by Ellis Weiner, illustrated by Jeremy Holmes (Chronicle Books, Oct 2013)

The Templeton Twins Make A Scene (#2 in the series) by Ellis Weiner, illustrated by Jeremy Holmes (Chronicle Books, Oct 2013)

If I had a shelf talker, this is what I'd say about "The Templeton Twins Make A Scene"

After the alarming and uproarious events depicted in the first book in this series, The Templeton Twins Have An Idea (which revolved around clever twins John and Abigail Templeton, their inventor father Professor Templeton, and the efforts of the quite dastardly twins Dean D. Dean and his brother Dan D. Dean to steal the professor's inventions), the family returns in book two, The Templeton Twins Make A Scene. They have moved on to a new school, TAPAS (The Thespian Academy of the Performing Arts and Sciences), where the Professor has been hired to invent a new device that will revolutionize the theatre-going experience. This time around, there are mysterious warning messages, a too-helpful male nanny named Manny, and the careful reader will not be surprised when the naughty Dean brothers show up. The quite-opinionated Narrator is also present, narrating away and providing end-of-chapter quizzes to make sure you're paying attention to the story.

Templeton Twins Make a Scene #2
by Ellis Weiner
illustrated by Jeremy Holmes
Chronicle Books | 
9781452111841 | $16.99 | Oct 2013

Coming out in paperback: 

Templeton Twins Have an Idea #1
by Ellis Weiner
illustrated by Jeremy Holmes
Chronicle Books | 
9781452127040 | $6.99 | Sept 2013

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Chronicle Books' blog: "From the design desk: Ends"

Another inside peek at the way the brains of the Chronicle Books designers work: this time, it's a fairly glorious exploration of bookbinding details – all about endpapers. 

Another integral element of every hardcover which deserves some special attention are the endpapers. Also commonly known as end sheets, or endleaves, around here we usually just refer to them as “ends.”
These are first and last pages found in a hardbound book. Half of each endpaper is glued onto the inside of one of the covers and the other half joins that cover to the textblock. (The inside pages of a book all together are referred to as the text block or book block.) The part of the endpaper which is pasted to a cover is called the pastedown endpaper, and the unattached half is called the loose endpaper or flyleaf.


Stoker & Holmes, Together At Last? The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason


No one knew that we needed this – an alternate history / steampunk / time travel / Victorian London YA novel starring the half-sister of Bram Stoker and the niece of Sherlock Holmes – no one except Colleen Gleason.

But once you've read The Clockwork Scarab (book one of what I hope is a long & prosperous series starring Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes), you'll wonder where it has been all this time.

Although this was my first journey into the worlds of Colleen Gleason's mind, I discovered that The Clockwork Scarab fits neatly into a larger universe that she's been creating since her first published novel, The Rest Falls Away – Book One of The Gardella Vampire Chronicles. She nods gracefully to her previous work in passing and then sets to work building this new department of her creation – no prior knowledge is necessary.

Gleason's inventive take on Steampunk Victoriana is bristly with machinery and all the famous buildings we know in our timeline are there, just surrounded by heavily built-up superstructure. You can feel the steam, smell the oil, hear the clanks.

Mina Holmes is impetuous and not quite as fully-formed as her famous uncle is in his tales. Evaline Stoker has recently come into a strange inheritance as actual vampire hunter (see the Gardella Vampire Chronicles for more), and she's still trying to figure out what her new powers might mean. Both young ladies have a lot to learn, especially about working together.

There's quite a bit of world-building and character-developing in this first volume, and a rather startlingly sudden ending. I'm left wanting Book Two quite poignantly. I must know what happens next! 

Oh, did I not mention the time travel element? I suppose you'll just have to read the book to find out what mysterious stranger drops into their midst to complicate their lives and their investigations...

The Clockwork Scarab is due out in September 2013, but booksellers can seek out their Chronicle sales rep for an ARC, or click through to the Edelweiss page for the book to download an egalley.

The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel
by Colleen Gleason
Chronicle Books | 9781452110707 | $17.99 | October 2013

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Colleen Gleason: web | twitter | facebook
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PW article about Jesse Klausmeier reveals the origins of Open This Little Book

PW's John Sellers, writing about Jesse Klausmeier's childhood idea that has come to life as a new Chronicle Books picture book:

But a story that debut author Jesse Klausmeier wrote when she was five, growing up in Madison, Wis., helped form the basis for her picture book Open This Little Book, just published by Chronicle. In the book, readers are invited to open a series of colorful and progressively smaller “books,” which are nested inside each other like Russian matryoshka dolls, joining a growing cast of animals to discover what’s inside each one.

We've previously covered Open This Little Book when the book trailer was posted.