Watch this: The Twelve-Fingered Boy book trailer (Carolrhoda LAB / Lerner)

One of my favorite dark, scary, fascinating YA reads on the Spring 2013 lists has a really great book trailer up. I read the ARC of The Twelve-Fingered Boy on the plane home from a sales conference trip and I ended up online, while still in the air, asking the editor how soon I could have the manuscript to the sequel. It's that good.

The Twelve-Fingered Boy
by John Hornor Jacobs
Carolrhoda LAB / Lerner | 9780761390077 | $17.95 | Feb 2013

The Many Lives of Donald Westlake

Michael Weinreb at Grantland:

In his nearly five-decade career, Westlake, who died in 2008, created a diverse and surprising catalogue that encompasses crime — from both sides of the law — and science fiction and satire and adventure and enjoyable little oddities that don't really fit into any category. He was astoundingly prolific and eminently readable; he had a loyal fan base and respect among his peers but never made a New York Times best-seller list; and he is known by many not for Parker, but for his comic novels, the most popular of which featured a curmudgeonly literary cousin of Parker named Dortmunder. "Comic literature of any kind is the hardest thing to write," says Otto Penzler, Westlake's friend, sometime editor, and the proprietor of the Mysterious Bookshop in Manhattan. "It's also very subjective."

Illustrator Mat Pringle is drawing one of Woody Guthrie's 'New Year's Rulin's' every day in January

Back in early 1943, Woody Guthrie wrote up a pretty comprehensive list of New Years Resolutions that anyone would be proud of.

In early 2013, illustrator Mat Pringle is drawing a daily cartoon version of Woody, embodying one of his 'New Year's Rulin's'. Good advice.

Here's the complete list of the New Year's Rulin's, along with an image of Woody's original journal entry. 

(via The Fox Is Black)

Candlewick unleashes big news: a sneak peek at Kate DiCamillo's new novel, Flora And Ulysses

Kate DiCamillo has a new novel coming this fall, Flora And Ulysses, to be published September 24 by her longtime publisher, Candlewick Press. The book will be illustrated by K.G. Campbell.

USA Today got the nod as the location for the exclusive cover reveal (along with a peek at some of the graphic novel style pages that are interspersed through the book) and an interview with the author.

Here's the Scribd page for the opening pages:


Excerpt: 'Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures' by


More, elsewhere:

Kate DiCamillo: web

K.G. Campbell: web


Watch This: "Open This Little Book" book trailer (Chronicle Books)

A late-arriving book I sold on last summer's Fall 2012 list, the finished copies of Open This Little Book showed up here a few days ago and just charmed the heck out of me – and everyone else who's seen it. The wait? Worth it.


Open This Little Book

by Jesse Klausmeier

illustrated by Suzy Lee 

Chronicle Books | 9780811867832 | $16.99 | Jan 2013


Jesse Klausmeier: web | twitter

Suzy Lee: web