Reading notes – Freud: An Illustrated Biography (Nobrow)

I continue my haphazard progress through lots of galleys, partial manuscripts, illustrated book samplers, and a digital mountain of PDFs for Fall 2013.


Today, I received a gorgeous early advance copy of a fall title: an illustrated biography of Freud coming from Nobrow Ltd. & Consortium Book Sales & Distribution. In just 60 pages, it brings forth the life and career of Sigmund Freud, some of his most famous cases, with many walk-on cameos from notable contemporaries.

It was a satisfying, fast read, generally suitable for high schoolers and up. Considering that this is Freud we're talking about, there are a few phantasmagorical panels with disembodied cartoony genitals floating around and a few with naked men or women (mostly mothers).

Hey, it's Freud, what did you expect?

And considering the times, there are also some dark sequences relating to the rise of Hitler and the Anschluss. (I never thought I'd get to use that word in this blog...)

I thought it was terrific - and well worthy of comparison to the other recent highwater mark of graphic biography, Feynman by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick.

Click through to the book's page on Edelweiss to see some page spreads and read more about it.

Freud: An Illustrated Biography
by Corrine Maier
illustrated by Anne Simon
Nobrow / Consortium | 9781907704734 | $19.75 | October 2013