First Lines: "The Naturalist", from Maureen McHugh's After The Apocalypse

"Cahill lived in the Flats with about twenty other guys in a place that used to be an Irish bar called Fado. At the back of the bar was the Cuyahoga River, good for protection since zombies didn't cross the river. They didn't crumble into dust, they were just stupid as bricks, and they never built a boat or a bridge or built anything. Zombies were the ultimate trash. Worse than the guys who cooked meth in trailers. Worse than the fat women on WIC. Zombies were just useless dumbfucks."

After The Apocalypse: Stories
Maureen F. McHugh
Small Beer Press/Consortium | 9781931520294 | $16 | Oct 2011 

You can read a sample at Small Beer's site.