Boswell Book Company's Jason Kennedy on Dan Simmons

Bookseller and Buyer Jason Kennedy (at Boswell Book Company) has posted on The Boswellians about his love of all things Dan Simmons (a passion which we share). The new novel from Simmons is Black Hills.  It sounds incredible:

His new book, Black Hills is out this week, and just like his last two novels, he has ventured more into the land of historical fiction, with a tweak of science fiction. In his new novel, a ten year old Sioux named Paha Sapa (translated as Black Hills) finds himself in the middle of the Battle of Little Big Horn. He is weaponless, but he spies Custer just before he dies and touches him to prove his courage. Custer's soul jumps up and enters Paha Sapa, and resides there for the next 60 years. Simmons style is amazing, as he bounces the narrative from Paha Sapa as a young boy, to Paha Sapa as an old man setting dynamite at Mount Rushmore. You also hear a bit of Custer's story as he tries to ascertain where he is; as you quickly find out, he believes he can not see because of some injury, but he is certain he is alive. It is a glorious story of the transformation that took place in our country at the time.

You can read more from Jason and his fellow booksellers at Boswell at their shared blog, The Boswellians, and find out more about the store from owner Daniel Goldin at his own location, Boswell and Books.