(A Little Bit) More about Amazon Mobile's Bar Code Scanning from MobyLives

Oh, I spent a goodly amount of time the other day trying to riff interestingly about Amazon.com and their retailer-gutting app and its new bar code scanning capabilities.  Naturally, I wasn't alone in this effort.  I'm not the only one who's seeing what it could do to independent bookstores, as well as brick'n'mortar retailers of all kinds.

But check out these two links to see the difference between an impassioned but semi-pro wordsmith like me and an experienced, professional publishing type like Dennis Johnson at Melville House's MobyLives blog, who's been blogging since the blog was invented.

My take.


You're back?  Ok, here's the difference:  I run on and on for paragraphs.  Dennis nails it in a few sentences:

"... Or you could, you know, buy it at the store you’re in and not rip off their services and protect the local economy while you’re at it. Just an idea."

Same point, just sharper.  Kudos, guys.