The End of Summer wrap-up post

I finished my summer of sales calls this past week.  I've been visiting bookstores and other customers more or less non-stop since the week after BookExpo America.  This week is also something of a milestone for the my3books blog, as I posted my first entries on June 6, just before I started this summer of travel & bookselling.

As I said in that first post...

I’ve been looking for a way to pull out just a few of those books at a time - to restore a more human-readable scale to the process - and focus on some of the really great ones.

Having spent the summer both selling books to my bookstore customers and blogging about those same books, I have to say that the blogging has enriched my selling experience and has really been a lot of fun.  I've found that I have more to say in my sales calls about the books that I've also blogged about.  And I've thought more about the books, and the ways they connect and interrelate to one another.


It's also been a summer of expanding my connections to booksellers and other publishing folks.  I want to say thanks to everyone who contributed a guest post this summer:

Geoffrey Jennings (twitter: @RainyDayBooks)
Jake Hallman (twitter: @jakethegirl)
Melinda Blau (twitter: @melindablau)
Micheal Fraser
Paul Ingram
Taylor Rick
Teresa Rolfe Kravtin (twitter: @trkravtin)

and especially, the stellar Angela Sherrill

Their additional voices in the chorus made this a much more interesting place to visit, if you ask me.


At some point this summer, I began to wonder what I would post about when I was done visiting bookstores and selling the Fall books in a one-on-one sort of way.  It was a momentary madness, of course.  The sales kits and manuscripts for next spring's books have already started to trickle in and I'll be able to start a whole new list of potential post ideas.

Then I started to unpack some of the boxes of samples of the very same books I was posting about all summer, and I found some more books to write about.

I'll be taking part in some Rep Nights at some of the bookstores I sell to, sharing some of my picks from the lists with a roomful of frontline booksellers.  I'm hoping to be inspired by what I hear from my fellow rep colleagues, and in conversation those booksellers.

And finally, I'll be attending two of the regional trade shows for booksellers this fall: the Midwest Booksellers Association show in St. Paul, MN and the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association show in Cleveland, OH.  There will be endless book chat at both, no doubt.

I'm looking forward to a glorious autumn of new posts, more guest voices, and a lot of great reading.  I hope you'll keep coming around to see what we have to offer.