my3books links: Jake-The-Girl from A Great Good Place for Books

Jake-The-Girl sends word that she's posted a response to the "my3books" concept yesterday at her blog, and included her own "my3books" take on Great YA Dystopian Science Fiction.

I'm a reader of science fiction, too, so I was happy to click through and check out her list.  I can already tell that she's my kind of bookseller - her 3 picks included two books I already own and one that I had completely missed but I must now own.

I'm posting a preview of Jake's post here, and recommend that you head on over to her blog to read the whole thing.

Her three picks, with excerpts:

Little Brother
by Cory Doctorow
Tor Books | 9780765319852 | $17.95 | April 2008

"This is a frighteningly real look at the not-so-distant future of technology, seen through the eyes of a school-skipping, video-game-playing techno-geek."


The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
Scholastic | 9780439023481 | $17.99 | Sept 2008

"Readers of this blog know that this is my favorite book of all time ... This book is full of non-stop action. It is an emotional rollercoaster. It is the best book EVER."


by Robin Wasserman
Simon Pulse | 9781416974499 | $9.99 | Aug 2009

"Most dystopian science fiction is action-packed and full of technical jargon. This one isn't. It's more of a moral and ethical look at the future of medicine, and how far we will eventually go to keep our loved ones in our lives."