If the pace around my3books seems to be a bit slower lately...

It's because I've recently started blogging about books at the Huffington Post, too.  I'm writing there about general book business, books that interest me, and news from the bookstores that I visit.

Here's the general Books page at HuffPost and here's the page where my posts are archived.

My first post was "I Didn't Like That Book": How Booksellers Earn Your Trust by Un-selling Books.
My second post went up today: Books That Can Help Our Children Find a Path Through a Scary World.

I've been trying to find the boundary between the kind of book biz advocacy that I've been working on here at my3books all along and the more general interest sorts of posts that I would like to write for the HuffPost.  The timing was great – as I mentioned in my end-of-summer post, I was wondering how I would fill the between-seasons gap until I really dive into the Spring/Summer season's books.  It turns out that starting a new regular writing assignment is the perfect way!

In the meantime, things should resume their usual pace here shortly.  I've got some new guest posters lined up, and I've been reading through some early manuscripts and galleys for the Spring list.

See you soon!