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In my day job, I'm an independent sales rep for publishers. I represent publishers across a broad cross-section of the publishing world - from university presses to indie literary presses to pop culture publishers to art books to journals and gifts.

My first hope for my3books was to throw the doors open to lots of voices - other passionate sales reps, frontline booksellers who handsell every day, great editors and publicists who know what's coming next year, book bloggers who see all the advance copies come across their doorstep - and make it a wonderful place for readers.

I hope you'll find your next book here.

John Mesjak

About the my 3 books staff

John Mesjak, editor (updated 2/10/12) 

I'm an independent sales rep with Abraham Associates, a rep group that covers the midwestern US, representing many small to medium-sized independent publishers and distributors to the book trade.  I'm also an occasional blogger for the Books vertical at The Huffington Post.

Prior to my current job, I was a field sales rep for Publishers Group West, worked at Chronicle Books in the operations department, and was a bookseller at three different independent bookstores: A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books and Book Passage in Marin County, California and Anderson's Bookshops in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

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Angela Sherrill, contributing editor (Updated 3/19/11)

Angela K Sherrill is the Collection Development Manager for Children's Plus Inc., a children's book binder and distributer located just south of Chicago. She spent 8 years managing children's book at 57th Street Books in Hyde Park and continues to coordinate the annual 57th Street Children's Book Fair, a street festival that celebrates the love of reading and the joys of childhood.  

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We cannot guarantee a review, nor can we promise a positive review.  However, the my3books.com site is intended to discuss the publishing world and to highlight great books, new and old.  If we do choose to discuss your book(s), it will likely be in a positive light.  my3books.com does not accept payment for reviews, for links, or consideration of any kind.

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